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Friday, 26 April, 2019

George Devlin - Collection Search ...

This is a simple facility to search the titles, locations, collections, mediums and types of painting in the catalogue. A search for "portrait" will list all portraits, for example, one for 'Venice' will find paintings made in Venice etc.
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If you are looking for a specific painting you can also use the 3-digit catalogue number (e.g. 125). The catalogue number is shown in front of each title.
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You can also simply list paintings in the following way.
157.) After the Storm
215.) After the Storm, Freneuse
250.) Approaching Sault
158.) Arisaig Bay, Scotland
214.) Awaiting the Storm
194.) Bathers
218.) Bathers
227.) Bathers at Baratti, Tuscani
141.) Bathers at La Tamarissiere
152.) Bathers San Vinenzo
221.) Bathers, C?te d'Azur
248.) Baumes de Venise, Provence
223.) Bennecourt-sur-Seine
159.) Blossom, Provence
220.) Boat at Porte Vendres
107.) Boats at Lagos
226.) Boats on the Rance
199.) Calm Anchorage
181.) Campo SS Giovani e Paolo, Venice
196.) Cevennes Evening
202.) Cherence, Normandy
116.) Coin du Village (RWS)
140.) Cornfield and Lavender
238.) Crepescosla, Bacino San Marco, Venice
231.) Crepusculo, Bacino San Marco, Venice No. 2
184.) Crepusculo, Venice
150.) Day Trippers North Berwick, Scotland
176.) Donegal Farms, County Donegal
101.) Donegal Sea Loch, County Donegal
233.) Early Snow on Angus Glen, St. Andrews, Scotland
149.) Evening Light, Vetheuil
145.) Evening Shore
206.) Fields in Fife and Bass Rock, Scotland
197.) Fields in Fife, Scotland
161.) Fife Field and Bass Rock, Scotland
108.) Finca Sierra Almijara
146.) Fine Evening in Fife, Scotland
162.) Fishermen at Moisson
179.) Foreshore and Moon
109.) Frigiliana
104.) Fruit Market, Rialto, Venice
210.) Glasgow Suspension Bridge
222.) Gorge d'Ardeche
187.) Grand Canal, Venice
102.) Harbour at North Berwick
163.) Hebridean Evening, Scotland
142.) Hebridean Harbour, Scotland
225.) House by the Epte
236.) House with Blue Shutters, Le Barroux
106.) Huskur
155.) In an Indian Garden
243.) Incoming Tide, North Berwick, Scotland
154.) Indian Market
193.) Into the Lammermuirs, Scotland
156.) Lavender, Sault, Provence
151.) Le Montagne de Leure
148.) Lethargic Afternoon on the Seine
110.) Lewis 1, Scotland
111.) Lewis 2, Scotland
112.) Lewis 3, Scotland
143.) Low Tide, Elie, Scotland
232.) Low Tide, St. Andrews, Scotland
207.) Moisson, Val d'Oise
166.) Moorings near Limetz, Villez
198.) Moorings on the Herault
103.) Moorings, Fondamenta della Zitelle, Venice
185.) Moorings, Venice
147.) Morning at Sandrancourt
249.) Near Caromb
239.) Near Collioure
247.) Olive Terrace, Le Barroux
191.) Olive Trees
209.) Passing Storm, Eigg and Rhum, Scotland
192.) Poppies, Provence
229.) Poppyfield in Provence
114.) Portaleen, County Donegal
219.) Portico Ca' Franchetti, Venice
200.) Receding Storm, Bass Rock, Scotland
165.) Receding Storm, Rum and Egg, Scotland
189.) Rialto Market, Venice
115.) Rio del Mendicanti, Venice
183.) Riva degli Schiavoni, Venice
208.) Sailboats on the Seine
204.) Sailing Club, North Berwick, Scotland
153.) Sailing School, Elie, Scotland
216.) Searing Heat, Baumes de Venise
167.) Seeking the Seventh Wave
160.) Seine at Port d'Ilon
203.) Seine at Port l'Ilon
164.) Seine Backwater
168.) Seine Backwater,
242.) Seine Barge at Bonnieres
237.) Seine Barges at Sandrancourt
224.) Seine Evening near Guernes
169.) Seine Evening, Vetheuil
230.) Seine Fishermen at Guernes
170.) Seine Houseboats near Sandracourt
246.) Seine Morning, Vetheuil
228.) Spring on the Epte
201.) St Pierre de Vassons, Provence
113.) Standing Stones, Lewis, Scotland
205.) Storm of Aldeburgh
211.) Sunbathers
195.) Sunbathers, Porto Vecchio, Corsica
217.) Sunday at Ganavan
190.) The Boat at Aldeburgh
234.) The Flower Marker, Rialto, Venice
182.) The Grand Canal, Venice
212.) The Ploughed Field
188.) The Red House, Venice
245.) The Seine at Vetheuil
105.) Tunisian Village
144.) Twilight, Bacino, Venice
186.) Twilight, Venice
171.) Venice by Night, Venice
213.) Vetheuil
235.) Vetheuil and the Seine
244.) White Roses
117.) White Strand Bay, Inishowen, County Donegal
240.) Work Boats, Port Vendres
On this website we can only show a small selection of the many paintings and other material made by George Devlin. You will find more material on the various websites listed here ...
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Crepescosla, Bacino San Marco, Venice
238.) Crepescosla, Bacino San Marco, Venice ...
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