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Friday, 26 April, 2019

George Devlin - Collection Search ...

This is a simple facility to search the titles, locations, collections, mediums and types of painting in the catalogue. A search for "portrait" will list all portraits, for example, one for 'Venice' will find paintings made in Venice etc.
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If you are looking for a specific painting you can also use the 3-digit catalogue number (e.g. 125). The catalogue number is shown in front of each title.
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You can also simply list paintings in the following way.
107.) Boats at Lagos
116.) Coin du Village (RWS)
101.) Donegal Sea Loch, County Donegal
233.) Early Snow on Angus Glen, St. Andrews, Scotland
108.) Finca Sierra Almijara
109.) Frigiliana
104.) Fruit Market, Rialto, Venice
102.) Harbour at North Berwick
106.) Huskur
110.) Lewis 1, Scotland
111.) Lewis 2, Scotland
112.) Lewis 3, Scotland
103.) Moorings, Fondamenta della Zitelle, Venice
114.) Portaleen, County Donegal
115.) Rio del Mendicanti, Venice
113.) Standing Stones, Lewis, Scotland
105.) Tunisian Village
117.) White Strand Bay, Inishowen, County Donegal
On this website we can only show a small selection of the many paintings and other material made by George Devlin. You will find more material on the various websites listed here ...
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Sir Alexander Cairncross
132.) Sir Alexander Cairncross ...
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